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This page is dedicated for you travellers who have enjoyed so much our walking tours. Here, we are not only providing you a list of the best free tours around the world for your next holiday but we also supporting local tour businesses.
Our values around eco-tourism and sustainability have motivated us to co-create and join the free tour community. Helping each other has always been on our priorities and by creating this platform, we and you can take care of little businesses all around the world. I actually wrote a little blog post about being part of the free tour community that I’ll link here for you to read and get to know us more.
This platform made by us, for you is a guarantee for a direct booking straight to our partners website, no commission, no fees for either you or the tour providers. Just a free zone for everyone to connect and find amazing walking tours and other activities around the world.
For the others tours who are listed here but not yet part of the community, please be in touch so we can add you to our platform.

As a main partner and because we are operating in the same area, I’d like to introduce you to Riviera Bar Crawl and Tours.
A young team based in Nice that are specialized in bar crawls and walking tours in Nice and Monaco.

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