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Cannes and The French Riviera in general is one of the most accessible regions thanks to its numerous public transport networks, highways and connections between each city. Considering the proximity of each of the cities on the coast, the rail network is definitely the best way to get around.

Knowing that, you can therefore organize your trips during your stay on the French Riviera. Particularly when it comes to participating in one of our walking, e-bike or tasting tours in Cannes! In order to be in Cannes 10 minutes before the beginning of your tour, you have a few options available for you.

You will therefore find different ways to reach Cannes from Menton, Monaco, Nice or even Antibes. Whether by train, bus or car, here are the different options to ensure you are on time for your adventures. Make sure you always check with the transportation companies before buying your tickets; prices and schedules might vary over the year.

sncf cannes train transportation

Option 1: By train

The most accessible, low-cost and efficient way to travel to Cannes is definitely by train. Even though strikes can happen from time to time in France, it is generally the most reliable way to move around. Keep an eye on the SNCF website after 5pm the day before when they generally update their time table.

Here are the regular train times to Cannes from both directions (times may vary from year to year and season to season so please make sure you double check on their website):

  • From Nice to Cannes (8,40€)

9:44 -> 10:23 a little short, but you’ll be there on time!

9:13 -> 9:53 perfect timing; you can even have a croissant and coffee before the tour.

9:02 -> 9:39 plenty of time to enjoy a french breakfast in one of the bars around the meeting point.

10:14 -> 10:53 we have a problem! you’re late, but still can catch up with the group. Even if you don’t want to miss a single minute out of this tour, S… happens so make sure you get in touch with your guide and meet them after the first stops. 

Those trains are coming either from Menton or Ventimille (Ventimiglia) in the direction of Cannes, Cannes La Bocca, Les Arcs-Draguignan or Grasse.

  • From Grasse to Cannes (5,40€)

9:38 -> 9:59 fantastic timing; plenty of time to stop in a bakery and grab a French delicacy to have energy for the tour.

9:08 -> 9:29 even better! Now, you’ll have time to sit and enjoy a coffee under the morning sun of the French Riviera. 

11:38 -> 11:59 no need to say that this option is not an option. Unfortunately there are no trains between this one and the one before at 9:38. So you better get on the first one of the list.

Use any train lines in the direction of Vintimille (Ventimiglia), Menton or Nice.

 *To avoid any confusion, the train station to stop at is called “Cannes” and NOT “Cannes La Bocca”.*

Option 2: Bus

If the train option is not working for you, buses run around the whole coast from Nice all the way to Grasse. Be aware that this option is not the best way to reach Cannes since buses take a lot more time and they are sometimes not on time due to traffic. 

There is not only one company that runs the buses on the coast. Every city has its own transportation network. You can find your way with buses through this French Riviera application/website: Moovit

Moovit includes all the transport networks on the coast from bus, tram, bicycle, walking and finally train.

Option 3: By car/taxi

Car can be an expensive way to travel to Cannes. Not only you increase your chance to get stuck in traffic but parking is also hard to find and/or very expensive. But we understand that sometimes, it’s the only option available and we want to make sure you find a suitable way to come to Cannes.

  • On-street parking

Finding on-street parking is a real nightmare in Cannes center, but you can definitely give it a go and have a real French driving experience. If you feel lucky, you can drive around to find an empty spot. It will definitely be cheaper than going in a car park. Check the streets signs to make sure you won’t get a fine for parking on a forbidden spot or staying too long taking the risk to be towed away. And if you do find a parking spot on the street, make sure you go to a payment terminal to pay for the entire time you’re parked. Here is the payment schedule to follow for your on-street parking.

  • Monday to Saturday: 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 7pm. 
  • Sunday and holidays: free!

The city is divided in two zones where regulations are different.

  • Green zone (commercial and touristic): the first half hour is free, and after it’s 3€ every 2 hours. Maximum time of parking: 5.5 hours. 
  • Yellow zone (called ÉcoPark): further out from the city center, the first hour is free, and after it’s 3€ every 2 hours. Maximum time of parking: 6 hours. 

You can find a parking meter to pay for your parking, take your receipt and put it in the windshield of your car. Remember your license plate, enter it, and you’re good to go. It is also possible to pay and manage your parking time through an app called “Flowbird”.

  • Cannes’s Car parks

Otherwise, you can just park in one of the 17 car parks available. The closest to our starting point is this one, or a little further is this one. Prices vary between 4€ for the first hour, to 16.20€ for 6 hours. 

  • Free parking

And if you feel really lucky, you can try one of the few neighborhoods where parking is partially free. 

  • Le Suquet
  • République
  • Broussailles
  • Palm Beach
  • Pont des Gabres
  • On Carnot boulevard

All the details are on Cannes’s city website. 

If you are coming by taxi, just ask your chauffeur to drop you off at the train station.

You are now ready to join Cannes from every part of the coast through train, bus or car. We strongly recommend taking the train which is still the best way to get around, less expensive, faster, avoiding traffic, taking you straight in city centers and being more environmentally friendly! It’s a win on all the different aspects! 

We can not wait to see you on one of our tours in Cannes. See you soon!

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