Shore excursions to do in Antibes from cruise ships

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19th June 2024

Going on a cruise ship is an amazing way to discover many places in a single trip. It requires organization to make sure you take advantage of every moment you have on every stop. In order to organize your time properly on the French Riviera for your next stop in Antibes, we have a few suggestions to make. It will definitely guide you through all the possibilities on land.

Either you want to take your day to discover and learn the city’s history by walk, or taste a few local dishes and products while discovering the city, or even bike along the sea side of the Mediterranean through the Cap d’Antibes and Juan-les-Pins, everything’s possible during your day off in Antibes. 

In extra, we also offer a special Combo Tours of Antibes & Cannes on the same day, to make you discover even more of the beautiness of the French Riviera. Since the two cities are a few minutes away from each other by train, we created a new package that will for sure, mark your life. Here is what we offer for your stop on Antibes during your cruise ship trip.

view of cap d'antibes from cruise ships


Why booking a tour with us?

Feel less guilty

Since you’re part of the cruise ships stopping at Antibes during the season, you might feel a bit guilty of the ecological footprints you’re leaving behind. The fleet of :

stop in the tender port to offer yourself a shore excursion of Antibes and its surroundings. And this activity has obviously a significant ecological cost. Don’t let yourself feel too ashamed about it and compensate by booking an eco-tour with us.

This is a good opportunity for you to decarbonize your trip. Our ecological conscience is contagious and you will feel much lighter in our company!

Choose quality over quantity

It’s true: the tours and shore excursions sold on cruise ships are expensive compared to the authentic quality of it. And we are aware of it! That’s why, we are reaching out to offer tours that are really worth the money spent without feeling ripped off.

In addition to offering you a visit of Antibes through its great main attractions but also its hidden gems, we make you discover it on the side of a local tour guide who lives nearby and is inspired every day by those historical and cultural facts. 

Get away from tourists mass

The experience of the shore excursions sold on cruise ships is definitively going to be impacted for a few reasons. First of all, disembarking is starting later for the people who have not booked a cruise tour so you think you will have a little less time. We do organize big groups with a bus if they absolutely want to visit a particular city which is tricky to reach by train but otherwise, that’s the beauty of our ground knowledge, we know that getting a bus will be wasting a lot of your time on shore and is also a high risk to get stuck in traffic for long minutes if not hours, especially during the high season… That’s why we recommend our local walk/ tasting or e-bike tour or a train ride to reach other destinations(of course, we will be with you on the train and helping by purchasing tickets for you)That leave you more time to meet the community and enjoy your time without feeling rushed! Slow tourism is definitely a must nowadays to feel like a proper holiday! All of this leaving you more time in each city to visit and explore and go a bit deeper on your excursion while having fun, not feeling rushed and even having a little bit of spare time to live “l’art de vivre à la Francaise”.

Get away from this mass and enjoy a tour that promotes quality over quantity. In that mean, we offer tours to small groups only and we give you a few hours of true pleasure, history and fun anecdotes. At the end of the tour, you will be able to walk around the city by yourself in order to enjoy the rest of your precious free time. We can give you recommandations for anything you’d like to do afterwards. Just need to ask!

And that’s what makes tours at WhatToDoRiviera so special, unforgettable and truly worth it.

Unforgettable experience

This connection with culture and history through the gentle care of the local guide, is of a uniqueness that is rarely reproduced in a lifetime. The people you will meet not only through the history of the city but also on the tour with you, such as the local guide, the local family businesses, the merchants of fresh produces at the market in which we stop, will certainly stay with you and become unforgettable.

And you will have the most beautiful memories to share with your family when you return from the cruise.


cruise ships sunset over antibes

Booking a Walking Tour Combo of Antibes & Cannes!

For every arrivals of cruise ships docking in Port Vauban, we offer a Walking Tour Combo of Antibes and Cannes. Since Cannes is only a few minutes away by train from Antibes, it is more than possible to do both in one day thanks to this combo.

Therefore, we offer a combo including:

  • We come and pick you at the Port Vauban
  • We will guide you to the train station to get on a train to Cannes
  • We take care of buying your round-trip train tickets
  • Cannes’ walking tour (duration of 2/2.5 hours)
  • Going back together by train to Antibes (that way you won’t be in Cannes in the afternoon constantly looking at your watch, wondering when you need to get back to Antibes. That does also allow us to avoid any train disruption or last minute event who will jeopardize your return on time to the cruise ship)
  • Provencal picnic (optional but highly recommanded for an easier organization of the tour)
  • Walking tour of Antibes (duration 2,5 hours) to make you visit this beautiful city before bringing you back to your cruise ship.
  • Depending on the time you have on shore, you might enjoy some free time for enjoying an ice-cream, sipping a wonderful drink on a terrasse (very French) or shop through the local stores and small authentic boutiques or even pop into the Piccasso museum if you have enough time. 

Isn’t that beautiful? 

You can now fill your day with amazing experiences. This combo is a special offer we make for you, travelers coming down of cruise ships. Don’t miss it out!

Booking a Private Tour with one of our local guides

This option is probably la crème de la crème of our offers.

Book a private tour with us, either a bike tour, a tasting tour or a walking tour (or two with Cannes or any other cities of the French Riviera that you would like to visit: Grasse, Saint Paul de Vence, Nice, Monaco, Menton, Eze…), and get to do everything at your pace. We make sure to come get you at the port and bring you back to wherever you want.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can create a perfect visit of Antibes and its surroundings exactly how you have pictured it.
Dream and we will make it happen! We are also very strong with suggestions to make sure you have the best time ever!


Book a Food Tour in Antibes

What’s better than visiting a country, a region, a city, through its culinary culture?

Honestly, we are very fond of local products and the people who prepare them according to the Provençal traditions of the region. Embark on this conquest of the flavours and smells of Antibes with us during a tasting tour.

Drink and eat with us by booking this tasing tour on your next shore excursion in Antibes.


spices from provencal market during antibes lunch food tour

Booking a free (tip-based) walking tour in Antibes

Most days of the week and depending on the season (check our calendar), we are running a Tip-based Walking Tour in Antibes starting at 10am in general from Place General de Gaulle. This is also an option if your cruise arrive early and leave you enough time to desembark and get there on time but the best way is definitely to join a combo tour of Antibes and Cannes. We can run a private walking tour on request as well to fit better your arrival time and pick you fro the port instead of you trying to find the meeting point for the tip-based tour and be there before 10am. 

Lasting about two hours and a half, the free walking tour of Antibes will make you see, discover and hear everything there is to know about this city full of history and art. We are stopping at the most interesting and incredible spots so you can see and taste Antibes at its finest. Just let yourself be guided through the old town streets, right up to the port and just experience the best of your shore excursion.

Know more about this tour and book it right here.

Looking forward to meeting you on the French Riviera during your stop over/excursion.

Since all of our tours are ecofriendly, its time for you to book your visit in Antibes to compensate your ecological footprint. And in the meantime, dream of all what you will discovering by our side in Antibes and Cannes or any other cities nearby. 

For tours, you can see availability and book directly here

It is also possible to contact us for a walking, tasting or e-biking tour outside those times and days. Everything is possible on the French Riviera. Do not hesitate to write to us or simply to say hello on our social media, see you soon!

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