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Top 10 free things to do in Antibes

Cédric , Tour Guide & Unconditional Traveler, France

23 April 2020

Traveling is great! We get to meet new people and their cultures, see incredible things, make unforgettable experiences and it shapes us in our personality. It makes us learn things about and for ourselves. Many of us would probably be traveling most of the time if it wasn’t for the money. Because unfortunately, traveling can be expensive sometimes. At WhatToDoRiviera we want to make the pleasure of traveling possible for everybody, not only for those with overflowing wallets. Traveling with a small budget shouldn’t mean you can’t get to know the culture and dynamics of a place while enjoying yourself. And it doesn’t! It is as we always say: “The best things are for free”! Antibes also offers a variety of activities to do that are for free. We made a list of the top 10 free things to do in Antibes for you!

1. Join the Antibes Free Walking Tour

The probably best way to discover a city with a small budget is by joining a Free Walking Tour. Within a short time, you get an insight into the culture as well as interesting information on history and tradition while meeting great people and seeing the most important places of the town and some hidden gems. And all of this for free! We make sure you can be part of this special experience in Antibes as well. Check out more info on our Antibes Free Walking Tours and join us to discover all the top attractions and hidden gems of this incredible coastal village!

2. Just get lost in the old town

Antibes old town has something magical about itself with its narrow alleys and the old buildings made of light-coloured stone. It’s the perfect place to wander around and get lost in details. In the blooming flowers, in the different facades and in the little shops and boutiques that you will find. With a bit of imagination, you’ll be able to picture the flow of life in this place in past times. If you like street art, you can also try to find the 400 sculptures of one of our local artist on the walls of the city. Always a great game day and night!!

View of Antibes old town from its remparts

3. Have a look at the yachts in the harbor

Antibes’ harbor hosts what we call the billionaire wharf where up to 19 super luxurious and glamorous yachts can moor. It is fascinating to stroll around and have a look at them. If you join our tour, we will show you the best place to have a noisy as the access to the harbor is now closed to public. You don’t even have to be a huge fan of boats to enjoy it! These palaces on water are just unbelievable and impressive.

4. Enjoy the Provencal Market

The provencal market is the perfect place to witness the dynamics of life in Antibes. Market vendors offer fresh and local vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, cured meat, cheeses, flowers, spices and herbs etc… Even without buying anything, it is an interesting show to observe. The market takes place every day from 6 am to 1pm during the summer season, in winter, it’s generally closed on Mondays. Some afternoons, the place is turning into a craft market with local artists displaying their paintings, sculptures, etc. All of this surrounded by terrasses popping up from the restaurants and bars on the side.


Provencal market Antibes: woman selling spices

5. Discover the Nomade statue and its point of view

The gigantic white sculpture made of iron letters represents a man that is quietly gazing at the sea. The artwork of Jaume Plensa was part of the summer temporary art expo in 2007 and has become such a popular place to visit nowadays because of the amazing view you get from there. 

6. Walk the “sentier du littoral” around the Cap d’Antibes

The sentier du littoral is a small coastal hike that will take you approximately 2 hours. What nature has to offer will blow your mind along this walk. You will enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean and its waves crashing against the rocky path and you will certainly come along various plants from this exceptional eco-system. With the sound of the seagulls and the waves, the feeling of the wind and the salt in the air, the sentier du littoral is a perfect stimulation for all senses! WhatToDoRiviera offers a private walking tour+sweet tasting around the Cap d’Antibes as well, in this way you can let your self be guided and enjoy it to the fullest!

One of the stunning views of the Sentiers du Littoral

7. Climb on the top of La Garoupe to the light house for a 360° view

Climbing the 100m up to the La Garoupe platform will reward you with a scenic 360° view! If you are lucky with the weather you can see from Italy all the way to Saint Tropez, not to mention the snow covering peaks of the French Alps for a good half of the year! Now if that isn’t worth the climb?!

8. Chill out on the beautiful beaches of Juan-les-Pins or on “La Gravette” beach

One thing you should definitely not miss out on during your stay in Antibes is visiting one of Juan-les-Pins or Antibes beautiful beaches. Antibes and Juan-les-Pins offer a variety of beaches, so you should be able to find one that suits your wishes! We think“La Gravette” is the most convenient beach in Antibes for tourists as it is sandy, public and right next to the old town. To find out more about the beaches and help you pick one, we created a list of top beaches in Antibes/ Juan-les-Pins for you.

Plage de la Gravette

9. Visit the incredible “Chapelle Saint Bernardin”

This stunning Chapel, that dates back to the 16th century is located in the middle of the old town. The historical monument contains interesting pieces of art that tell stories about the past and the belief. You’ll be able to see different architectural styles and one of the Chapel’s doors that goes back all the way to 1581. On our free walking tour, we do stop there and covers a lot on its history and mystics.

10. Organize a picnic in “Exflora park”

This public 5 hectar big garden is located around an olive grove combines the Mediterranean styles from the ancient Rome till the 19th century of the Riviera. The palm grove, the green theatre, the water way and many more aspects make the parc worth a look for sure! For the picnic, we have special deals available with a provencal picnic box from a local partner. Let us know by email or whatsapp if you are interested.

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