Traveling Solo with Free Walking Tours

Cédric, Tour Guide & Unconditional Traveler, France

20 February 2020

It is getting more and more common to travel alone and it is changing lives!
Traveling solo with Free Walking Tours has probably help so many people in so many different ways, even the unexpected ones…
From finding travel buddies to sharing accomodation or activities, simply being social and having fun or even finding your soulmate (yes, we got a married couple who did meet on our tour!), the Free Walking Tours Community will help you travel better and to a certain extend be a better person!

When you travel alone, you are more forced to engage with your surroundings, you are more focused on where you are and tend to be more present. Any form of traveling is actually bringing changes to people’s lifes but traveling alone is something different and it will most likely give you more!
Traveling with company creates a safe environment but being alone will often force you to gather your courage and step out of your comfort zone. It is when you step out of your comfort zone that you will be more empowered and learn so much more about yourself and your surroundings. 

When you step out of your comfort zone you will start meeting new interesting people and locals in the town you are visiting. Traveling with somebody can often make us less approachable for other people and when you are traveling alone you will look more approachable for someone who wants to have a conversation with you.
You will also have to talk to the locals to get things done or to find that place you want to visit.
Many cities nowadays have walking tours and other activities that you can found directly on google on social media where it is possible to meet other solo travelers around the world.

Photo from a free walking tour in our quaint and historical Antibes.

Photograph by WhatToDoRiviera

Traveling solo will often leave you alone in your thoughts and feelings – you will more likely find out who you really are and what you want. In today’s world we are all caught up with multitasking work, social life, social media etc. which makes us more stressed out than ever.
Getting to know ourselves or creating time for self care is not a priority for many. Traveling alone gives you space to think and give yourself some time off.
Here is an itneresting read also from the NYTimes: how to make friends while traveling solo.

Our walking tours in Antibes, Cannes, Nice are a great example where a lot of solo travelers join to meet new people. Getting to know new people will give you more perspective about cultures and our world. Doing things like this and stepping out of the comfort zone will build your self confidence and faith in your own resourcefulness. 

“To Awaken Quite Alone In A Strange Town Is One Of The Pleasantest Sensations In The World.”

 Freya Stark.

It’s not as scary as you might think. Just give it a try, why not in Antibes? Why not on a walking tour, a local tasting tour, an e-bike tour, a cooking class or even a pub crawl!
With WhatToDoRiviera, we are here to help you discover our culture while meeting new people and make solo traveling a better experience for you!

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